Networking and seizing sponsorship opportunities at local events and targeted niche groups reap dividends. Early this year in an editorial reference to the annual meeting of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, Robin Donovan, Editor in Chief of Signs of the Times wrote, “There weren’t many people at the event, so the connections I made were memorable. And the people in attendance were so passionate…”

Sometimes a few passionate, focused contacts can be more valuable than an overwhelming number of leads from a larger trade show. Of course, while both scenarios add value to your sales & marketing programs, be aware it is a natural tendency to quickly rule out smaller events when you only focus on numbers, mentally calculate cost per lead, and guess at future ROI based on attendance volume alone. Stop and reconsider.

Before you write off that local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, or the community of XYZ enthusiasts, consider that your genuine presence at an event where folks are united in cause and passion gives you an “instant in”. Contacts turn to clients more often when interests are shared and the numbers are small enough for you to actually follow through,  reach out, talk and meet needs. Investigate your niche markets. Select annual meetings and regional events that will give you that “instant in”. Consider being a small event, annual, or monthly meeting sponsor; get your name in front of folks without all the noise of larger events.  Pull out your calendar and start scheduling!

Need help with smaller scale branding and promotional message signage? Mark Bric Display can help with small footprint marketing items such as retractable banner stands, flags, compact welcome centers or coffee station counters, as well as free standing signage. Talk to us about your local and small venue marketing needs; call Mark Bric Display at 800-742-6275.

Remember, sometimes thinking big…means thinking small.

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