ISOframe Express

When speed is of the essence! A fast-to-assemble portable booth when you don’t need a flexible display.

Are speed, simplicity and stability your biggest priorities? ISOframe Express is your answer. Our portable booth has an incredibly strong frame, which means graphics hang perfectly and heavy media screens and tables attach easily — all without tools in true ISOframe style.

Plus, ISOframe Express eliminates the awkward and difficult-to-attach end panel commonly in pop-up exhibition stands. Our magnetic graphic wing makes the end of your trade show display look as awesome as the front, without the hassle. And because it’s also our slimmest trade show display stand, you’ll save precious space with every use.

With ISOframe Express you can:

  • Set up your portable booth in minutes
  • Replicate the same setup every time
  • Reduce your floor space with our slim design
  • Choose custom shapes and sizes with our Exhibit Launch team
  • Attach accessories, including tables and TVs

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ISOframe Express Layouts

ISOframe Express Key Features

Pop Up Frame Pop Up Frame Sets up quickly and easily
Customized Designs Customized Designs Fits your needs with built-to-order shapes and sizes
Impressive Strength Impressive Strength Features amazing stability thanks to the cross-braced frame
Slim Design Slim Design Saves floor space with our smallest dimensions frame
Frame Engineering Frame Engineering Ensures graphics hang perfectly
Panel Choice Panel Choice Comes in traditional curve or contemporary flat-wing panels

Tools-Free Assembly in Four Quick Steps

Arguably our easiest-to-assemble trade show display stand, ISOframe Express goes from packed up to putting on a show in no time.

  1. Step 1 image 1 Open the framework so the magnets meet
  2. Step 2 image 2 Apply the magnetic bars
  3. Step 3 image 3 Attach the flexible graphics to the magnetic bars
  4. Step 4 image 4 4. Attach tables and other accessories as you wish
  • See how quick and easy your tools-free portable booth assembly can be.