ISOframe Lightboxes

Grab attention with the impressive look of backlit fabric. ISOframe Lightboxes. Bright, engaging, versatile.

Lightboxes are one of the best ways to stand out in a sea of average displays. From the glow to the graphics, this trade show display lighting increases visibility and visitor interaction. They’re especially popular in retail, fashion and trade show display booths.

With Lightboxes, you can:

  • Build focal-point back walls.
  • Mount your display or keep it freestanding.
  • Combine multiple units for a huge exhibit.
  • Display panoramic images and other noteworthy graphics.

Whether they’re featured in a store, as trade a show display or anywhere in between, Lightboxes are infinitely adaptable — and they’re sure to get you noticed.


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of your display.
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Key Features

Silicon-edged Fabrics Silicon-edged Fabrics Glides into the framework for amazingly simple setup
Gorgeous Graphics Gorgeous Graphics Features the unique beauty of well-printed fabric
Luminous Look Luminous Look Projects light and glows from within
Low Voltage Low Voltage Makes a big impact with little energy use
Adaptable Structure Adaptable Structure Stands strong alone or can connect together
Portable Design Portable Design Ships through UPS or FedEx