ISOframe Ripple

If simplicity, quick assembly and flexibility are what you want from a portable trade show display, then ISOframe Ripple is for you.

Don’t stress about getting stuck with only one shape to work from. You can flex Ripple into almost any shape you want — and reduce or enlarge the size of your display to suit your needs. No matter how you shape your Ripple, you’ll enjoy a clean, contemporary display that provides a strong visual impact at your trade shows, retail locations and more.

Get ready to impress your customers — and your competitors. With ISOFrame Ripple, you can:

  • Attach the panels to a rigid frame for straight lines.
  • Use bendable links to include whatever curves you can imagine.
  • Showcase single- or double-sided images depending on your booth design.
  • Instantly adjust angles and layout to refresh your exhibit.
  • Re-use and reconfigure the display for future events, saving you time and money.
  • Quickly transform the carrying case into a sleek counter.

And with media screen attachments and spotlights available as accessories, Ripple is the most convenient, trade show display on the market.


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ISOframe Ripple Layouts

Key Features

Flex Technology Flex Technology Bends to almost any shape
2 in 1 Graphics 2 in 1 Graphics Displays single- or double-sided graphics
Shape Shifting Shape Shifting Reconfigures easily and instantly
Economic Pricing Economic Pricing Costs at least 10% less than the competition
Portable Design Portable Design Ships through UPS or FedEx
Counter Space Counter Space Includes a carrying case that transforms into a counter

Tool-Free Assembly in Five Quick Steps

Flexible and extremely cost effective, the ISOframe Ripple will literally change the shape of your exhibition display experience. And assembly couldn’t be simpler or more intuitive.

  1. Step 1 image 1 Attach the base post to the base support with the FASTclamp.
  2. Step 2 image 2 Click the base beam into place.
  3. Step 3 image 3 Clip in the top beam.
  4. Step 4 image 4 Slide the top section into place.
  5. Step 5 image 5 Attach graphics with magnetic assistance.
  • Leave the tools at home. Watch to see how quick and easy your pop up trade show display assembly can be.

Transform your Carrying Case into Counter Space

ISOframe carrying case transforms into counter space 1 ISOframe carrying case transforms into counter space 3 ISOframe carrying case transforms into counter space 3 ISOframe carrying case transforms into counter space 4