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No matter where you go in the world, chances are you’ll spot an ISOframe exhibit!

Mark Bric dealer, Easy Ideas, created this smart 3-module ISOframe Wave display to promote the advantages of choosing this local hospital.

The hospital staff was so pleased with its ease of use, attractive looks and versatility that they have used it on several occasions, each time giving Easy Ideas repeat business for new graphic printing.

Notice the use of Flying Oval Posts which allows for adding accessories such as literature racks and tables as needed.

Looking for a versatile re-usable display?

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Tight Deadlines Are Not Impossible

We encourage our clients to plan ahead… but we know sometimes opportunities arise and you need things quickly!

Nature’s Protection, a natural pet food company, needed a large exhibition stand on a very tight deadline. This incredible custom ISOframe Fabric exhibit emerged from finalized, client approved design to ship in less than 3 weeks!

As if that was not impressive enough – did you notice the eye-catching giant (16’ x 8’) ISOframe Fabric light box?

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Trade show exhibit tune-up or more?

Does your exhibit need some TLC to look it’s best?

Read this article from exhibitor magazine to gain helpful tips in extending the life of your exhibit.

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If your current exhibit is beyond TLC or is really outdated, talk with our experienced designers to see which one of our new custom modular ISOframes could do for your exhibit program.

Custom Trade Show Exhibit For Peerless Blows ’em Away in Chicago

An ISOframe hybrid custom exhibit helped heavy duty, high efficiency, Peerless Blowers’ Synergy Series make an impact at AHR EXPO 2018 in Chicago.

Peerless wowed the HVAC industry by showcasing full size Synergy Series Direct Drive Plenum and Plug Fans in their 540 sq. ft. booth which was outfitted with a very unique ISOframe display that combined an attractive ISOframe Fabric exhibit and an ISOframe Wave display.

This combination was built for the unique needs Peerless had at this trade show. The exhibit detailed features and benefits of the Synergy Series, showcased additional photos on a vibrant large format dye-sub printed silicone edged fabric and provided Peerless with a locked storage area accessible with a convenient built-in door.

Accent Imaging, a Mark Bric Display preferred dealer in Hickory, NC, was the liaison on this project. They teamed up with Mark Bric Display designers to help Peerless select trade show display elements best suited for their sales & marketing objectives.

Exhibiting large industrial products is always a visual and logistics challenge. The lightweight and portable nature, of both the ISOframe Fabric and Wave exhibits, was perfect to help minimize additional weight and reduce transport space for Peerless’ at-show-presentation needs.

Exhibit choices in the ISOframe family of displays are among the most durable, lightweight, and customizable yet affordable on the market.

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Curvy or Straight ISOframe Exhibits Are Perfect for Large Format Graphics

Trade show exhibit curves are at their finest in this ISOframe Custom trade show display.

Ironically, with all this body and shape, KeraStraight is promoting hair repair and straightener products. The sheer size and shape of this ISOframe exhibit itself commands attention and these over-sized, large-format graphics certainly stand out in the show hall.

Ask about customized features such as hidden storage spaces and product display shelving when you call 804-862-4655 to ask for your free, full-color, 3-D exhibit rendering and no obligation quote.

Custom Exhibits – An Affordable Display Option

Custom exhibits are not as cost prohibitive as you might think.

When people think custom, typically their mind goes straight to “more expensive”. We need to change that paradigm in the trade show industry. A custom exhibit should mean higher quality, better met needs, and a more precise tool to meet sales & marketing goals. It does not have to translate to more expensive. Perhaps the first step in changing this mindset is to think in terms of value not price when selecting a direction for your trade show and exhibit program.

Many exhibit sellers offer a set “menu” of exhibit designs and layouts – no changes, no à la cart options. Is this the best way to advance your sales & marketing endeavors?  Why choose limitations set up by a third party? Why not get exactly what you want and be able to add features that meet your unique marketing needs. Going with a pre-packaged display unit may actually cost you more because you are spending money for things you do not want or need. So, forget cookie cutter exhibits. Seek out an exhibit provider who is willing to listen and to take the extra time and effort to work diligently toward a custom trade show display that will result in a tool that can facilitate what you need to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to advocate for the best display options to create excitement, get customer attention, and meet your sales and marketing targets.

CUSTOM_ISOFRAME-DM_Redfern 2CUSTOM_NRS Healthcare - Pharmacy Show and Trade Days 2014_DM

Customization could be as simple as adding an audiovisual mount and computer table along an exhibit’s backwall to facilitate your looping video presentation. It can involve constructing specialized meeting areas or an enclosed conference room, or perhaps involve integrating an intricate custom product display within a modular stock free standing counter.


Don’t shy away from asking for what you really want. Custom exhibits add value to your program and can increase overall trade show ROI when done well.


Mark Bric Display’s custom modular exhibit system, ISOframe,  is the perfect foundation for meeting all manner of custom display requests and creating all size customized trade show exhibits. Mark Bric Display is experienced in customizing displays for exhibition booths from small 10’ x 10’ exhibits up to those that are larger than 400 Sq. ft.

Give us a call at 800-742-6275 or click here today if you want to know more about ISOframe Custom exhibit options.

– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.


In-line Trade Show Exhibits Don’t Have to Be Boring!

In-line trade show exhibits do not have to be boring!

Ask us about our ISOframe Custom exhibit options for your in-line trade show display space. ISOframe displays can be created in a modular fashion so that you can use exhibit components in a variety of trade show booth sizes. This peninsula exhibit can easily be adapted to in-line 10’x10’, 10’x20’ and 10’x30’ configurations.

As always, audiovisual elements, product showcase & shelving, as well as counters are easy to integrate with ISOframe.

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Modular Displays Mean More Exhibit For Your Trade Show Money

When you have multiple trade shows and a limited budget, you need to consider using a modular exhibit system.

ISOframe Custom modular exhibits enable you to turn your design visions into reality. Mark Bric Display designers plan your exhibit components based on both your immediate needs and what your future display needs might be. Our innovative techniques, combined with ISOframe’s infinite possibilities, allow for multiple configurations so you can use components again and again to maximize your investment. Check out this example of ISOframe modular components reconfigured into several display formats for EPC at various trade shows .

For more ideas see: www.ISOframeExhibits/

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