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Trade Show Exhibit Where Less Is More

Did someone say simple, clean, attention getting backwall?

They must have! Check out this Custom ISOframe exhibit created for Binder.

When the visual clutter of a trade show hall becomes overwhelming, sometimes less… really is more.

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ISOframe Media Backdrop Dresses Up Message

These folks are dressed to the nines and looking better than ever celebrating their Retail Excellence Awards in front of a gigantic, over 16 ft long, Mark Bric ISOframe Wave wall expertly designed & created by Mark Bric ISOframe provider, Focus Ireland.

Want to get all dressed up too?

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As we are continually bombarded with emails and pop up ads on the mobile phones to which we seem permanently attached, many wonder if there is still a place for traditional advertising and wide format print signage in the retail environment.  In “EYES ON THE PRIZE”, an article in the April 2018 issue of Big Picture, Kelsey Johnson claims, “Don’t be fooled. While online shopping is at an all-time high, brick and mortar retail and POP Displays are alive and well.”

That is good news for display companies and those providing wide-format signage in all of its various forms. The same article emphasizes “With so many distractions vying for a customer’s attention, retail and point-of-purchase displays have to be more than eye-catching. They have to be absolutely riveting…taking a display to the next level with digitally printed graphics is a sure fire way to truly captivate passersby.”

Mark Bric Display is eager to partner with a variety of surface imaging professionals, including wide format print houses that specialize in fabric, in creating exciting retail displays, point of purchase campaigns and enthralling one-of-a-kind trade show exhibits. Retail signage has been a long standing area of expertise, especially since the company got its start in the retail market providing clothing size markers and tags almost 50 years ago. Mark Bric Display uses its ISOframe exhibit system to create wall mounted, hanging, and free standing fabric displays including backlit light boxes suitable for a number of retail venues across a plethora of markets. Clothing, automobiles, jewelry are but a few examples.

Mark Bric has also taken its large lightbox expertise in the trade show arena and designed oversized, tall, backlit towers akin to the T-Mobile Chicago store ones referenced in “Eyes on the Prize” . Backlit fabric displays like those can transform retail spaces. Often POP displays and retail environment are not the location for sales culmination, but they still are a preferred starting location for attention getting, engaging and person to person question and answer for items to be purchased by the consumer.

The sales process may look different with the advent of online purchasing, however, according to 2017 Census data 90 percent of all retail purchases in the US were made in brick-and-mortar locations. That being said, retailers still need reliable display creators to help them progress their customers through the sales funnel with the use of high quality, strategic displays comparable to ISOframe signage, displays and exhibits designed and created daily by exhibit companies, like Mark Bric Display.

Revenue stream has to start somewhere; the genesis of sales dollars more often than not, begins with an engaging retail display.

Could Fabric Exhibits Be the Answer?

Don’t let trade show shipping & drayage suck the life out of your marketing budget!  Look for lightweight trade show exhibit options!

Check out how Exhibitor Magazine answers a plea for saving money in trade show shipping & drayage.

Notice how tension fabric exhibits top that list! Not only are they light weight, some, like ISOframe, are simple to set-up and tear down too. Check out Mark Bric Displays ISOframe Fabric solutions for trade shows, retail displays and marketing promotions at

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Museum Exhibits: Engage, Educate, Excite!

Whether it’s dinosaur bones and pottery fragments from a dig in your locale or replicated costumes from an era long gone by, each museum collection has a story to tell, something to teach, and a message to get across.

Museums are trying harder than ever to get the pubic to equate their organizations with learning. In the March/April 2018 issue of museum, a publication of the American Alliance of Museums, Laura Lott (the AMA president & CEO) reminds fellow museum alliance members that museums can “provide opportunities for inquiry based learning that reaches children, inspiring their curiosity and fueling their passions”.  If a docent isn’t available to guide and teach, the onus falls on the exhibit itself to do the majority of the job. This must start with capturing attention but also must follow through with information, engagement and retention.

Museum curators are tasked with gathering information and objects then piecing together the facts and figuring out a way to disseminate it for the education, enlightenment and betterment of all society. Truthful storytelling is a privilege, a challenge, and a weighty responsibility. You need a qualified exhibit design partner to help you bring your unearthed true stories to life.

Depending on your venue, you may choose to focus on easy-up/easy-take-down temporary, seasonal or travelling exhibits or perhaps, concentrate on an exhibit designed for long term permanency while still retaining the ability to update and change should facts or events alter through time. Remember, Pluto used to be a planet… think of all the space exhibits that needed to be altered! Find an exhibit creator that can offer you a wide range of display modalities and textures. Exhibit manufacturers do not have to create only museum exhibits. There are many talented, creative folks who are good listeners with excellent design skills, who work mostly in the marketing arena, yet are practiced story tellers and expert attention getters. Their lifeblood is getting messages across to achieve goals!

Think outside the box! Share your goals with a company like Mark Bric Display, a creative trade show, retail and marketing promotion display manufacturer, and you might be surprised at how well they can transform information to help your visitors engage, be educated, and cross the retention threshold. Mark Bric routinely creates trade show exhibits that function inherently like museum displays, attracting attention, engaging, telling a story, educating attendees and ultimately striving for message retention and action, from all who visit their creations.

Over the last 30 years, for the advancement of their clients’ passions, Mark Bric display has created multiple museum exhibits in a variety of mediums – some as simple as a series of banner stands that create attractive timelines, and others that employed the use of immense wide format graphics both on vinyl substrates and in the new and popular, upscale, dye-sublimation SEG fabric medium. Because Mark Bric is also used to designing and implementing marketing promotional displays, integrating your special event needs with a company like this is not just financially advantageous, but it simplifies logistics too.

Mark Bric Display understands that education within a museum is as powerful, perhaps even more so, as classroom education. Call 800-742-6275 to speak with a Mark Bric Display exhibit designer today and get your free, full-color, 3-D exhibit rendering underway. Tell your story, show your collection, get your message across, fuel some passions. Engage, excite, educate, inspire. Help museum visitors retain your message and become world changers. Accomplish all this with a quality exhibit; partner with Mark Bric Display today!

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Make a Splash at Your Next Trade Show

Ready to dive into a successful exhibit?

Try using an ISOframe Wave for your next show just like Swim Fit Pools did for their house and home show! Thanks Focus Ireland for your great work integrating Mark Bric ISOframe exhibits with your client’s products and promotional needs.

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ISOframe Helps Prince George County with Economic Development

Our friends in Prince George County Economic Development Department are always looking for opportunities to better our local community.

Here are two stand up gentlemen, Jeff Stoke and Yoti Jabri, working to bring in new business via the Modex show in Atlanta, GA.

What’s the best way to do that?

Well, use a Mark Bric ISOframe exhibit, of course! Want to get your message across to potential customers in an attractive and convenient way?

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Be Flexible in Your Soft Signage Paradigm

Soft signage opportunities keep popping up all over the place! I hope our end-user clients are open to taking advantage of a new way of doing things but even more so I hope the sign producers and marketing agencies with which we partner are also keeping their eyes and ears open to awesome soft signage opportunities that exist both in the trade show and retail realms.

In “Be Flexible”, an article in the March issue of BIG PICTURE (a magazine for the wide format print industry), John Whitt, president and CEO of Just Vision It, a dye sublimation print provider, said, “Besides the impact soft signage has had on trade shows, it’s also being specified more for corporate and retail environments.” Yes! Mark Bric Display is 100 % on board the wide format graphics and soft signage train. We believe so much in fabric being used in trade show exhibits and retail marketing displays that we have a whole ISOframe Fabric exhibit and light box line of products to prove it! We do want folks to know that dye-sublimation printed SEG fabric is not just for trade shows –  there are also a host of promotion, special event and retail possibilities as well.

When it comes to capturing customer attention, big works, light works, high quality works. Now put all three of those together in a wall mounted light box or a free standing over-sized unit – you have magic! Imagine the promotions, both big and small, available for retail with over-sized wall mounted graphics and light boxes created with the brilliance and convenience of a soft signage print. Mark Bric Display has the ability to create SEG Fabric LED light boxes and displays in any custom size.

One particularly hot market segment right now, according to aforementioned article in the Big Picture, is the video game industry. Large, lightweight SEG fabric graphics that can be wall mounted as to not take up valuable retail floor space and can be changed out easily and conveniently are in demand in the gaming industry as well as in many market segments for both space and convenience reasons. The same is true in the trade show market. Exhibitors are realizing that fabric allows them to save time and money in set-up, tear down, and shipping.

If you have clients that use signage at all, you really need to try and capture some of their business by suggestive selling soft signage. Mark Bric can partner with you to work through the design and creation process. Together we can make a soft signage powerhouse team that will make your clients, and you, beyond content.

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“We appreciated Mark Bric’s hands on approach to booth set-up training. They spent an entire day with us! ISOframe set-up is easy and they taught us some excellent tips on setting up a very large exhibit quickly and efficiently.”
-Ferdinand Mayer, President, FotoFinder Systems, Inc.

See which of our versatile displays is the right fit for you and your company’s resources. Get a hands-on exhibit experience. Find the system you’ll feel most comfortable setting up and taking down prior to purchasing it.

Ask questions you never would have thought about if you were not here to see, touch and do!

People love coming to experience the Mark Bric ISOframe products first hand; we even offer customized booth set-up training for folks who purchase our larger custom exhibits.

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Looking for Wide-Format Graphic Printers Seeking Opportunity

Keeping up with industry trade reading is always a challenge as it often falls to the end of, or right off, the to do list. I am guessing I am not in this boat alone so I thought I would share just one small nugget I recently gleaned from Printing Impressions. I am embarrassed to say which issue because it will reveal that I am a couple of months behind. Let’s just say it was the issue from the shortest month of the year.

In the article “Wide-Format Opportunity” by Denise Gustavson, it was this thought that captured my attention, “Wide-format technology can open up huge revenue opportunities for commercial printers, but there is certainly more involved than installing a press… But Wide-Format can be one of the most rewarding services you can offer your clients as it affords you the opportunity to grow.”

Wide-Format is such a necessary component to exhibit and display creation here at Mark Bric Display. We do in-house printing specifically for our displays all day, 5 days a week. However, there is so much uncaptured business out there and so many people who would benefit from our ISOframe quality display options if only they knew about them. As a wide-format printer, you have a huge opportunity to capture new local business and generate additional opportunities from your existing customer base.  Who doesn’t want to reap the benefits of business growth?

Mark Bric Display loves to partner with wide-format graphic producers to create exhibits, displays, banners, large fabric SEG prints. We can function as a one stop shop as needed but we are more than happy to share the wealth with the clients in your sphere of influence too. Make yourself familiar with the exhibit options and realize that marketing displays and trade show exhibits can be a very natural extension to your existing business.

You are already drawing the right clientele and you have half the equation covered if you can print the wide format graphics (traditional or fabric). Many times our affiliates have the capabilities to print but do not want to stock exhibit hardware. Not a problem!

Sometimes the hesitancy to sell an exhibit, stems from not feeling knowledgeable enough. Let our customer service reps work through the details for you or let us use our expertise to show you and help you sell display options. We enjoy our working partnerships and can provide sales support through 3-D renderings & no obligation quotes. We also will work to open our showroom to your clients as needed. Plus, we can offer your clients exhibit storage, set-up and tear down services or hands on training at your facility or ours so they are comfortable with their exhibit prior to show time. Basically you are working to connect us with folks in your sphere of influence that have a display need and we in-turn are making you look good by meeting the need at a local level.

If you have invested in wide-format printing, consider the next step in generating more revenue – providing trade show & promotional displays and exhibits for your clients. You can do as little or as much of the printing for the job as you choose – we have found that we partner well with wide-format print providers.  Don’t miss out on big opportunities.

Give Mark Bric Display a call at 800-742-6275 and ask about how we work with our dealers and agencies to collaboratively create exhibits and promotional displays.