Why ISOframe?

Your trade show exhibits
just got a whole lot better.

“Wow!” That’s the response we most often hear when people see an ISOframe trade show exhibit in person for the first time. With seamless graphics, engineered aluminum framework and incredibly flexible designs, falling in love with ISOframe is easy.



See a 3-D rendering
of your display.
Free exhibit design
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Free Consulting
and 3-D Renderings

Our complimentary Exhibit Launch process makes creating a powerful expo display simple. We offer onestop exhibition service and in-house support every step of the way.


Tools-Free Assembly

No tools and no professional assembly needed. Our patented FASTclamp connector makes display assembly easier than you can imagine because we’ve built the connections and locks directly into the framework.


Gorgeous Graphic

When you choose Wave or Ripple exhibit systems, you’ll experience our in-line magnetic graphic system, a revolutionary engineering process that automatically lines up your graphics perfectly every time, on any surface. Plus, it allows you to assemble your display faster than ever before.


In-House Design
and Construction

When we create your exhibit at our facilities, we can guarantee your display’s quality and finalize your project in days rather than weeks or months. Plus, we test-assemble every display, so you can be sure it looks and works exactly as designed.



ISOframe displays are all part of the same family so you can combine sections of different models into hybrid systems. And, with interchangeable graphic panels, you can adapt your trade show exhibit as your needs or designs change.


Full Range of

Boost your display’s appeal by adding literature holders, flatscreen TVs, shelves, tables, rooms, doors and more. Our full line of accessories gives you the freedom to build an expo display that reflects your specific business needs. With all the choices, there’s almost nothing an ISOframe exhibit can’t handle.